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Nutrition expert, Ph.D

X No more diets

I will inspire and teach you what a healthy and vital lifestyle is, that you can keep up your whole life

X Reach and keep a stable weight

After years of struggling, you will finally have a stable weight. You are both physically and mentally in balance

X More self-confidence

You know how to nurture your body instead of filling it. And you are able to say no, because you know exactly how to handle all temptations around you

Let me inspire you what a healthy & vital lifestyle is!



All nutrition and lifestyle advice is based on the newest insights in science. Your health is my first and foremost priority

Enjoy the healthy way

You will learn that with a steady basis, you can still enjoy a nice snack or drink. Because life is way too short to deny yourself everything!

Directly applicable into practice

By translating science into practice, you will learn what a healthy and vital lifestyle is, that you can put into practice right away

No diet, but change of lifestyle!

X You never have to go on a diet again

X You reach and keep a steady weight

X You are full of energy all day

X You know what is healthy and what isn’t

X You finally fit your favorite jeans again

X You walk full of confidence on the beach 

How can I help you?

Group coaching

Online group coaching program in a private community. I coach you step by step to become the best & fittest version of yourself.

Private coaching

Online/offline private coaching. Together, we will develop a healthy & vital lifestyle, that you can keep up the rest of your life.

Vitality workshop

Interactive workshop, in which I will give all the tools to stay fit and vital at work. With lots of practical tips & tricks.

You have the feeling that you are constantly failing

X You can’t keep up your diet

X You avoid the mirror 

X You are super low in energy all day

X You don’t know where to start anymore

X You are always busy pleasing others 

If it is your true desire to be fit and healthy, then team up with Dr. Esther. I reached my goal of losing 10 kg in 3 months. My lab results also improved significantly. Stick to her plan & trust the program. The results will come!

Peter Auwerda

Department of Education Aruba

The VIP package of the ‘Enjoy Life the Healthy Way!’ program, was the best investment that I have ever made. For the first time in my life, I’ve learned how to create a healthy lifestyle, with sustainable and lifelong knowledge. Thanks to Esther, I am reaching my health goals and at the same time feeling happy and confident.

Ester Dijkhoff-Santos do Nascimento

Professional singer

Great experience following the coaching program of Esther. I really like the enthusiasm that she put in to develop the right eating pattern for me! I feel more energetic, and it improved my sport performance. The best investment you can make, is in your own health!

Maria Buuts

Owner SandFit & coach

You can eat anything you want, and still lose weight!



You work on changing your behavior, by taking little steps every day. I teach you how to think in possibilities instead of in limitations.



I will share all my nutrition knowledge with you, so you know exactly what is healthy and what is not. And you will learn that healthy foods can be affordable & really tasty as well.



You will translate all knowledge into practice by taking action right away. You have a solid battle plan how to deal with all temptations from the unhealthy world we live in.

Are you ready for action? Start your journey towards a healthy & vital lifestyle now!

“The private coaching has finally given me and my wife the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle. We have tried diets and workout coaches in the past, but eating right has always been a challenge. We didn’t expect to learn so much, like what gives you energy to make healthy lifestyle changes. Esther helped us achieve our health goals by losing weight and keeping it off for life!”

Jayburtt Dijkhoff

Directie Volksgezondheid

I followed the muscle gain program of Esther. I learned a lot about healthy nutrition. She prepared personalized week menus with recipes that are healthy and tasty. It really helped me to improve my sport performance. And, I gained a lot more energy. I really recommend Esther as nutrition coach!

Mikayla Mathilda


We had a super inspiring masterclass about healthy eating & vitality from Esther at the Rabobank. What I really liked was how she translated science into practice. She gave a lot of tips & tricks that are easy to implement into practice. 

Susan Dikkeboom

Rabobank Gooi en Vechtstreek

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